Soul Tree


soultree-photo1Soul Tree designs, develops, and implements customized e-learning modules. We start with the customers desired learning objectives and then map out a strategy for the inclusion of the customer’s content, Soul Tree created content if required, functional requirements and finally the applicable help utilities and universal design for learning requirements. The end result is a cloud based, multimedia infused, dynamic learning experience that fulfills the ultimate goal of training – “return on knowledge”. We help organizations develop effective evidence/research-based curriculum with the appropriate mix of technologies that best fit an organization’s strategic educational and training goals

We view e-learning as the process of bringing together three core elements: the content, the packaging of the content, and the delivery platform. Soul Tree can provide one or all of the elements based on customer requirements.

The Content – Soul Tree has the ability to take your current training content in any form (e.g. powerpoints, training manuals, training videos, etc.) and package them in a manner that maximizes learning retention. We do this as we understand how people learn and apply the latest techniques and pedagogical best practices. In some cases when customers require customized content creation, Soul Tree can draw upon its deep expertise from the education and IT community to help build the training curriculum.elearning2

Packaging of the Content – The key to having compelling content is to transform the existing “flat” material into “dynamic” e-learning modules. Dynamic features include video, narration, kinesthetic movement with drag and drop activities, quizzes and tests plus much more. The packaging process typically starts with a Soul Tree graphic designer who helps define the “look, feel, and usability” and then we keep the customer involved in the packaging process by using a collaborative development environment so that the finished product has essential customer input.

Delivery Platform – The industry standard for e-learning platform is a Learning Management System (LMS). The primary functions of the LMS are user management, content management, scheduling, analytics and reporting, point of sale processing, and user certification management. Soul Tree maintains a hosted LMS for its customers that has a multitude of customization and branding options. For some of our customers, they are able to generate revenue from their training content by monetizing their current customer base with “new” subscription revenue or creating training modules that their customers will pay for.

Soul Tree has a comprehensive training model that is based on proven results. Leveraging our core competencies in team building, educational curriculum design and expertise in implementing change, we are an ideal partner organizations achieve their training and professional development goals.

elearning3We frequently encounter as organizations with less than optimal productivity among staff due to ineffective support systems that ensure success. We stress the importance of having both an effective methodology and technical clarification to maximize true learning and productivity. We help organizations develop effective evidence/research-based curriculum with the appropriate mix of technologies that best fit the organization’s strategic educational and training goals. We support all modes of training delivery: face-to-face, webex, self-paced e-learning, or a combination of modes. Our approach encompasses four stages that drive the sustainability of desired learning goals.